CALL FOR PARTICIPATION in the II International Festival of Technoshamanism











When? November 20 to 27, 2016

Where? Aldeia Pará – Caraíva – Bahia, Brazil

How much? The minimum is R$ 200 reais.


Limited Vacancies!!

II International Festival of Technoshamanism

The realization of the II International Festival of Technoshamanism arises from a desire to build upon the knowledge and practices gained during the I Festival in 2014 and through the various meetings, experiences and projects which followed. A priority will be to strengthen the technoshamanist network and to reinforce the connection between indigenous and non-indigenous people.

Since 2008, we have developed meetings and projects with the Pataxó in southern Bahia through encounters such as Bailux, Metareciclagem, Submidialogia and the I International Festival of Technoshamanism. Because of this, when we arrived in Arraial d’Ajuda and Caraíva to negotiate the location for the realization of the II Festival, the indigenous community in Aldeia Pará had already made up their minds – they wanted the second technoshamanism festival to take place within their own community. Responding to this desire in the community, we decided to embrace the demands of this location. In exchange for the invitation we will construct a number of dry toilets, which is an urgent necessity of this community.


Following this open call, persons from inside or outside the network who wish to participate can register and propose projects and ideas which may be developed in the indigenous village during the 7 days of festival.

You can register here:

We will select some of these projects, prioritizing those that relate to a) technological development (maker culture, DIY, repair of electronic equipment, circuit development, radio installation, hacker culture, etc.) and b) earthbound practices (alternative medicine, herbistry, indigenous and technoshamanic rituals, corporal conscience, permaculture, forest gardens, etc.).


The organizers of the festival have already decided upon 5 projects to be developed this year, most importantly in November in the Pataxó villages Pará and Barra Velha. If you wish to participate in one or more of these projects, you can declare this interest when you register.

1- Forest gardening, permaculture, communitarian vegetable garden, bioconstruction

(Jonatan Sola, Sue Nhamãndu and Marcio Patzinger)

2- Multimedia content production workshops for the Pataxó

(Tamara Gigliotti and Fernando Gregório)

3- Development of a course on Technoshamanism for UNEB – Bahia State University – with an extension covering the connection between indigenous and non-indigenous students

(Marcio Junqueira and Fabiane M. Borges)

4- Baobáxia – Installation of a local node or mucúa of the Baobáxia network to create a memory bank and digital archive of the Pataxó culture and to facilitate the production and sharing of audiovisual material between indigenous villages

(Carsten Agger and Luiza Hecker)

5- Installation of a web radio in the Pataxó school in Barra Velha

(Fabiane M. Borges and Pedro Parrachia)

The festival will have an immersive format with people from the technoshamanism network and the indigenous community living and working together. We will have courses and experiences proposed by indigenous and non-indigenous people alike.

The projects submitted in the registration will be organized by affinity, and their proponents are free to collaborate according to local conditions and their own interests. We will accept up to 80 projects which may come from different villages, cities or countries. People who do not wish to propose a project may participate in one or more of the on-going projects (e.g., the 5 projects already proposed by the network).

There will be a call for the participation of indigenous groups from various Pataxó villages as well as from other ethnic groups to unite during the festival in order to create a space for discussing their current situation, projects, struggles and rituals, as well as to interact and exchange knowledge and practices with the other participants of the Festival. One of the goals of this encounter is to create a convergence between the work of indigenous and non-indigenous people.

We are also interested in attracting local groups of African origin; this will be done by distributing this open call to these groups.

We will organize meetings to design a symbol for this encounter. Everyone is free to participate with their suggestions. We wish to create something to express the concept of this festival, namely: resistance and networks in the anthropocene.

All registration and selection will be done here:

The organization grid of the festival will be created from the projects received.

Their will be no payment of fares and fees. Participants will be responsible for their own arrival and departure, and priority will be given to those who are willing to invest R$ 200 since we will have expenses for food, accomodation in the village, transportation between villages and to the city, purchase of equipment needed for the festival, electronic equipment, seeds, agricultural tools, electricity, etc. The organization of the Festival is commited to publicize and support initiatives that seek to generate resources for fares and participation of groups who wish to come.

It is important to remember that this festival is organized by ourselves with no support from government or grants of any kind.


Aldeia Pará Pataxó (Área da Terra Indígena Barra Velha do Monte Pascoal)


20th-27th November, 2016


In a meeting with leaders and members of the Pataxó communities a number of very important issues were raised:

1- Participants will stay in people’s private houses – either in rooms or in tents, according to the needs of the situation. It is important to bring a tent as well as linens or a sleeping bag.

2- Children are welcome – provided they come with their guardians.

3- There will be collective points of encounter: Laboratories, kitchen, leisure room, healing tent, among others.

4- The festival commits itself to provide three free meals every day. The food will be produced by the participants themselves, and the work will be organized on-site day by day.

5- Transportation is difficult. We will rely on local motorcycle couriers and the bus to Caraíva, which departs twice a day.

6- Apart from tent and linen or sleeping bag it is important that you bring all insect repellents, hammocks, clothing or hygiene products that you will need.

7- Supermarkets and pharmacies are far from the village and will not be easy to get to. If you take medicine you should bring all that you need with you, along with any other personal item you wish to use during the festival.

8- This festival is not for profit. Please work in a collaborative way and with a maximum of respect for the indigenous culture that welcomes us.

If you wish to know more about the I Technoshamanism Festival

Long-term project realized in Aldeia Pará (by Jonatan Sola – part of the technoshamanism network and of the organization of the II Festival)


The thing is crazy and the process is slow!! Take it easy!!

There are 2 possible routes:

1) Porto Seguro – Eunapolis – Barra Velha.

There are frequent buses from Porto Seguro to Eunapolis. Tickets are about 20R$, and the voyage is about 1 hour

From Eunápolis to Barra Velha there is 1 bus a day, at 2PM.

OBS: The voyage is much longer if you go via Eunápolis, but it has 2 advantages:

There is a supermarket 80m from the bus station in Eunápolis where you can make cheap purchases, and you can get off in Barra Velha only 4 km from Aldeia Pará. During the Festival, we will have mototaxis coming and going between the two villages.

2) Porto Seguro /ferry – Caraíva – Barra Velha / Pará
This route is shorter and more picturesque, but also more difficult.

From Porto Seguro you must go to the ferry (about R$ 25,00 in a taxi, or take a van). Take the ferry to the other side. When you arrive in Arraial d’Ajuda, take a bus to Caraíva ( from 7AM to 3PM – R$20,00 – duration from 2½ to 3 hours). From Caraíva cross with a canoe (R$ 5,00) and take a mototaxi or bus to Aldeia Barra Velha or directly to Aldeia Pará.

Mototáxi to Pará: R$ 15,00

Buggy: R$ 50,00 per person

School and line buses

If you decide to walk, there are some 12 km.

Other options:

Transfer in taxi from the airport to Caraíva ( this is much more expensive).

Stay a night in Arraial (and party!) or in Trancoso, which is calmer but still a wonderful place.


Aldeia Barra Velha e Aldeia Pará (Pataxó)

Reserva Pataxó da Jaqueira

The Technoshamanism Network (universalis)


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