Technoshamanism in Aarhus – rethink ancestrality and technology


Moderated by Carsten Agger
14:00-14:45    What is technoshamanism? How does it work and what does it want? 
What political issues does it raise? Introduction by Fabiane M. Borges, input from various participants
14:45-15:15    What and how may we learn about Chinese text censorship with machine learning? (Winnie Soon)
15:15-15:45    Decolonization and self-organization (Carsten Agger and Raisa Inocêncio)
15:45-16:30    Immigrating ontologies, recovering ancestralities (Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen and Amalia Fonfara)
16:30-17:30    Sonora Network – Collective Feminism in music and gender study (Ariane Stolfi)
17:30-18:00   BREAK
18:00 – 19:00 Workshop: Invisible Drum (Amalia Fonfara)
19:00 – 19:30 Political Bath (Raisa Inocêncio)
19:30 – 20:00 Open Band (Ariane Stolfi)
20:00-21:00 BREAK, preparations for ritual
21:00 – 24:00  A collective DIY ritual created by the participants. Noise by Sebastian Tranekær Hansen.
For the ritual, please bring musical instruments, clothes, whatever props are adequate for your contribution as well as inspiration and ideas.
Throughout the event, the installation Hyperelixx by Samuel Capps will be exhibited and can be perused by visitors.
The event will take place in Dome of Visions, Aarhus on August 12, as announced in the Open Call.
Amalia Fonfara: (Greenland 1985) Artist and shamanic practitioner based in Trondheim. Since 2010, Amalia Fonfara has lived in Norway. She holds a bachelor of fine art (2013) and  an international master of fine art (2015), from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. Fonfara has studied different esoteric practices, including spiritism, shamanism and contemplative healing practices. She is currently doing a one year study prg. at Scandinavian Center of Shamanic Studies in Sweden. In her artistic practice the perception of reality, imagination and spirituality are closely connected and intertwined. Will present the Invisible Drum project at this event.
Ariane Stolfi: Architect, composer, programmer and musician, transits between languages. Doctorate candidate on Sonology (ECA-USP), researching interactive interfaces on web technologies, has made installations and performances such “Hexagrama essa é pra tocar” and “Cromocinética”. Joined festivals such Submidialogias, #DisExperimental, Virada Cultural and Dissonantes, mantains experimental netlabel and collabotates with Sonora feminist collective.
Carsten Agger: Software developer, activist and writer, active in social movements for free software and civil rights and against racism and colonial wars, for twenty years. Trained as a theoretical physicist he works as a free software developer, contributes to the Baobáxia project and co-organized the LibreOffice Conference 2015. He wrote a book about the Qur’an and is currently studying Norse religion and language for a comparative project. Served two years on the board of the hackerspace Open Space Aarhus and co-organized the II International Festival of Technoshamanism and technoshamanism events in Aarhus and Berlin.
Fabiane M. Borges holds a Post PhD in Visual Arts and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica in São Paolo (Brazil) and works as a psychologist, artist and essayist; organizes events relative to art and technology and social movements; authored two books, Domínios do Demasiado (Hucitec/2010) and Breviário de Pornografia Esquizotrans (ExLibres 2010); coordinated two books with the media, art and technology network Submidialogia (Ideias Perigozas, 2010, and Peixe Morto, 2011). She is one of the organizers of the I and II International Festival of Technoshamanism – Blog: – e-mail: ca t a d o re s@gm a il. c om 
Raisa Inocêncio: Brazilian, born in 1989. She studied philosophy at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and Visual Arts at Parque Lage School. Now studying at Toulouse University (France) in Erasmus Mundus Masters Europhilosophie. Research on the aesthetic-political practices of post-porn movement through performing actions and references such as artists Anne Sprinkle, Diana Torres, the collective Coyote, Ju Dorneles among others.
Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen:Graduated from the University of Copenhagen with an MA in History of Religions and Anthropology, which included two fieldwork periods in Brazil and two in Uganda. He has self-published a book on the role of traditional songs in Capoeira, and has collaborated on documentary film work on the role of religion in Ghana (2002). He worked for two years in humanitarian work removing land-mines in Angola and the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, and he has worked and published on anti-trafficking. He is currently finishing a PhD on ritual technologies in Afro-Brazilian religion.
Sebastian Tranekær Hansen: Born 1983, grew up in Greenland and has lived in Denmark since 1995. Autodidact musician, producer and DJ with a great interest in dance music and dance. Sebastian has been organizing and executing celebrations in Aarhus’ underground scene for some years, mostly in the genres of techno and drum’n’bass. Has primarily worked with people. Human development and communication are very central to his work with music and art.
Samuel Capps is a British artist whose work, among them the recent show ‘Relics from the De-Crypt’, work around themes similar to technoshamanism. He also runs the gallery Gossamer Fog in London.
Winnie Soon: Winnie Soon is an artist-researcher who resides in Hong Kong and Denmark. Her work approach spans the fields of artistic practice and software studies, examining the materiality of computational processes that underwrite our experiences and realities in digital culture. Winnie’s work has been presented at festivals, conferences and museums throughout the Asia Pacific, Europe and America, including but not limited to Transmediale2015/2017, ISEA2015/2016, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum, Si Shang Art Museum, Pulse Art + Technology Festival, Hong Kong Microwave International Media Arts Festival, FutureEverything Art Exhibition. Currently, she is assistant professor at the Department of Digital Design and Information Studies in Aarhus University. More info:

Tecnoxamanismo, Ficção e Ruidocracia na Casa Nuvem – 30/06 e 01/07 de 2015

Rede Tecnoxamanismo e Casa Nuvem convidam para uma jornada de ritual, ecosofia, geobiologia, artivismo, tecnologia “do it yourself” e conhecimentos ancestrofuturistas. Tudo feito em doses alquímicas nos laboratórios de gambiarras eletrônicas, tecnológicas, bicicletas de noise e antenagem para sintonizar frequências, energias e mistérios. Em um tempo em que a civilização humana mostra evidentes sinais de fracasso, novos meios de coexistência precisam ser incorporados.



Rádio: Rádio Clitóris com BrunaZ:

1º dia –

1. Espectro livre – Rafael Diniz e Thiago Novaes

2. Tecnomagia e Tecnoxamanismo (livros e temáticas relacionadas) Adriano Belisário; Fabiane M. Borges

4. Viagem por entre movimentos campesinos e ecológicos pela América desde o México ao Sul – Caravana Climática

5. Entropia, Criptografia, Anonimato e Liberdade, Dark Web – Lucas Teixeira e Fernanda Shirakawa


2º dia

1- Movimento dos Sem Satélites – Bruno Vianna;

2- Permacultura e Horta Urbana – Oka Cultural Timburibá Arte e Afins

3- Baobáxia, uma rede intranet independente e colaborativa entre comunidades quilombolas – Carsten Agger

4- CarnavalTech – experiências interativas, alegóricas, tradição e inovacão no Carnaval- Lívia Diniz

5- Descolonização da Cabeça de 1500 à 2015 – Anapuáka Muniz Tupinamba

Reportagem: Revista Piauí –



Amanda Flou – Preparação dxs coiotes


Rafael Frazão e Victor Guerra (tecnoxamanismo no Beco do Rato


Oficina NANO/UFRJ – (Nucleo de Arte e Novos Organismos)

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Tecnoxamanismo na Casa Luz – Sampa

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Obrigada a Belas Ko e Pilantröpóv Pausãnias pela participação/recepção, as apresentações foram lindas, valeu todo mundo,Sonia Barbosa – liderança guarani , participação especial da cosmogonia guarani e o estado de poesia!!



tecnoxamanismo como prática hacker- Medellín, Colômbia-2014

Residência de Fabiane M. Borges na Escola Jaquer Platohedro – Medellín – Colômbia – 08 e 09/2015

Vídeo da noite dos vampiros –

Residência no Platohedro –

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Primeiro Festival Internacional de Tecnoxamanismo

Resumo dos conceitos e acontecimentos do I Festival Internacional de Tecnoxamanismo:



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Terra Ronca (Rafael Frazão e Victor Guerra)


Três mil Km – O ônibus, o tecnoxamanismo e os Pataxós (documentário de Carlos Gonzales)