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(Pará Pataxó Village – II International Festival of Technoshamanism) Foto: Rafael Frazão

The Pataxó people will make a MUTIRÃO for the construction of two health posts in the village of Pará: a Traditional Indigenous Healing House and a Medical Health Service Post. Take part of it!!

During MUTIRÃO the Village Pará is open to receive people from Brazil and other countries who are interested in learning how to do INDIGENOUS MUTIRÃO, collaborate with the INDIGENOUS HEALTH, participate in the PATAXÓ RITUALS, experience the PATAXÓ CULINARY and have an immersive experience in their WAYS OF LIFE. To do so, it is necessary to register and pay a fee of R$ 500 reais. This money will be used for food expenses (breakfast + lunch) + accommodation at the Pataxó campsite (tent, baths, water) + payment of the cooks and + transport of products between the villages, during all the days of the Mutirão. REGISTRATION HERE:

(Pará Pataxó Village - II International Festival of Technoshamanism) Foto: Rafael Frazão

In order to obtain the material resources for the construction of the HEALTH POSTS, a crowdfunding was done in Catharsis and some meetings of the technoshamanism network in São Paulo, Berlin, Paris, Toulouse and London, which through the donations of collaborators reached its goal. For the implementation of the project, a public notice was approved by the Occitanie region in partnership with the association France-Latin America (FAL) and the Marielle Franco committee of Toulouse, located in the south of France, with a budget for three years. The project also includes the maintenance of agroforestry system and river source recovery initiatives, which will serve as a support for food autonomy and the operation of HEALTH POSTS.

MUTIRÃO is one of the most powerful forms of collaboration because it creates collective mobilization, produces mutual aid, promotes independence and emancipation of peoples. Participating in a MUTIRÃO is a unique opportunity to transform reality that brings many benefits for learning and human development. In times of climate and human catastrophes such as the ones we are experiencing today, it is essential to support autonomous projects, the empowerment of minorities, and social justice.

These are many factors that add up when we talk about INDIGENOUS HEALTH. It ranges from water care, soil, basic sanitation, recycling, food, preventive assistance, social assistance, to factors related to child mortality, epidemics, respiratory diseases, diarrhea, immunopreventable diseases, malaria and tuberculosis, heart disease, hemophilia, kidney diseases, cancer, among others.

The creation of two health posts, one traditionally indigenous and the other ambulatory, brings as a challenge the intersection of fields of knowledge, in order to create interdependence and complementarity between technological and shamanic knowledge, between the culture of the doctor and the culture of healers, mothers, midwives. This is a challenge and a necessity throughout the South American continent, as well as around the world. Operating with current and ancestor knowledge is a great challenge but also a great dream.

Indigenous women marching towards the Ministry of Health building, on August 12 (2019)
Photo taken from the website:

The dismantling of indigenous health policies manifested in the loss of autonomy of programs such as SESAI (Special Indigenous Health Secretariat), DSEI (Special Indigenous Health District), the end of the Mais Médicos Program, the emptying of health management units, the neglect of Indigenous Health Homes (a place where patients stay in treatment or wait to be seen in hospitals for more complex health issues), the structural changes that the SUS (Unified Public Health System) has been undergoing or the restructuring of FUNAI (National Indian Foundation) and the precariousness of infrastructure and logistical resources to attend to the indigenous have worried the indigenous peoples, who since the beginning of 2019 have made several political manifestations, opposing decrees such as the municipalization of Indigenous Health or as the recent Ordinance 13.623 made by the federal government that orders the centralization of public processes and contracting by federal agencies.

One of the principles of Indigenous Health declared at the III National Conference on Indigenous Health, held in 2001, states that “(…) each indigenous people has its own conceptions, values and ways of experiencing health and illness. The actions of prevention, promotion, protection and recovery of health must consider these aspects, highlighting the contexts and the impact of the interethnic contact relationship experienced by each people…”. It is in this sense that indigenous peoples demand special attention to the health of peoples, given the singularities and specificities of each of them.  

The VI National Conference on Indigenous Health is scheduled for 1st to 4th July 2020, right after the MUTIRÃO in the village of Pará Pataxó. It is intended to update the model of attention to the Health of Indigenous Peoples. It is expected to gather more than 2000 people among indigenous people and Indigenous Health workers. This Conference will be very important in defining future guidelines for the indigenous peoples of Brazil and in trying to preserve the achievements made in the last 20 years by these peoples. Its idea is not to decline and not lose rights, but to demand and determine the improvement of their health conditions. Through the current persecution of indigenous leaders and the constant loss of rights, this National Conference presents itself as a great political demonstration.

In the midst of all these complexities, we invite you to this PATAXÓ INDIGENOUS HEALTH CHANGE, as a way of getting involved in all these discussions and at the same time collaborating concretely for the benefit of INDIGENOUS HEALTH.

March of Daisies - August 2019 - Photo taken from the site:

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