Program of the II International Festival of Technoshamanism (still in progress)


(Photo of a Pataxó Ritual)


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The Festival program is made from the proposals of the indigenous and non-indigenous participants. Proposals are crossed from lines of interest and convergence issues.

As in the first Festival, the second has spaces-dispositifs where participants are invited to take up and develop their proposals.

The organization of the Festival was responsible for 4 activities, which are already being implemented in Para village and Barra Velha – with the participation of participants. Are they:

1 – CONSTRUCTION OF 15 COMPOSING TOALETS, built for composting organic material for composting of Lands pataxós where we are contributing to the salvation of springs with agroforestry and reforestation. Responsible: Jonatan Sola (technoshamanism network) and Ubiratã Pataxó (Cacique of Para village)

2 – DEPLOYMENT OF MUCUA NETWORK – BAOBÁXIA – (digital memory files) in the computer room of the Association of Fishermen Pataxó. Of the 14 computers of the association, four were moved to Para village. The BAOBÁXIA will be deployed in both. Responsible Carsten Agger (technoshamanism and Mucambos network) and Paty Pataxó (Barra Velha Village)

3 – MULTIMEDIA WORKSHOPS (video, audio, image, text, fanzine) to build file and professional education. Responsible Luiza Só, Rafael Frazão and Victor Guerra (the technoshamanism network) and Crispiniana Pataxó (IPAP President Pataxó Institute of Para village)

4- INSTALLATION OF A WEB RADIO with radio production workshops, creating collections, file production, music selection, sound programming, voiceover. Responsible Fabiane M. Borges Sue Nhamandu and Pedro Parrachia (the technoshamanism network) and Crispina Pataxó (Secretary of IPAP Pataxó Institute of Para village).



1 TECHNOLOGICAL DEVELOPMENT (maker culture, DIY, electronic equipment repair, circuit design, radio installation, etc.);

2 PRACTICES OF EARTH (alternative medicine, garden, permaculture, agroforestry, bio-construction, springs salvation, etc.);

3 TECNO-RITUALS (healing, rituals, baths, massages, stones, body experiences, meditation, alchemy, tecnomagia, tecnoxamanismo, AWE, etc.);

4 ARTISTIC PRACTICES (visual arts, performance, dance, music, videos, photography, film shows, etc.)



These are the spaces available for occupancy during the festival:

1- SANDS (tents selling crafts, pataxós typical products, food, traditional drinks, etc). Where will be made the rituals on a large scale and artistic installations and performances.

2 CAMPING (lodging place for subscribers of the festival – with dry toilets)

3- OLD LITTLE CHURCH (radio workshops, meetings, installation múcua Network – Baobáxia, multimedia projects, film shows, etc.)

4 COMMUNITY KITCHEN (meals, collective catering, showers, etc.)

5 ASSOCIATION OF FISHERMEN (installation múcua Network – Baobáxia, multimedia projects, etc.)

6 RESPONSIBLE TOURISM (motorcycles, cars and bugs that lead participants to tourist sites in the region as Corumbau, Caraíva, Monte Pascoal, the Pataxó Reserve, Mangroves, boating on the river and sea, etc.)

7- ELECTRONIC YARD (place for electronics repair, creation of electronic circuits, sound and vibrational trials, interaction works with matter (interspecifics), antennas, receivers, transmitters, electronic art, etc).

8 HEALING TENT (place to take care of the body, mental health, self care, meditations, massages, yoga, swimming, exercises, etc).

9 – OTHER SPACES (to be produced during the festival)


(Opening of I technoshamanism festival – Arraial d’Ajuda 2014 – photo Nubi Abe)

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